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KyuubiT's News

Posted by KyuubiT - April 8th, 2016

havent posted in 3 years. well heres a post. see yall in overwatch soon bitches!!!! 

Posted by KyuubiT - November 21st, 2013

SO MUCH FUN! this game is seriously a blast you should check it out.
also here is the blog im doing for my local game store. which brings me to my next point

Star Trek attack wing

Posted by KyuubiT - July 2nd, 2013

havent updated in 2 years!? jesus.... well update....

Posted by KyuubiT - November 12th, 2011

So i bought minecraft a few weeks ago and i LOVE it i had been playing the free version for some time now and decided i wanted all the features. it is literally childhood plus zombies and exploding creatures, by this i mean super lego's you never have to take apart! anyway on to what I am undertaking epically. most of you are familiar with the Secret of Mana series and the fact that the mana tree is massive. i am building the mana tree and it is taking quite some time still building up the trung of the tree.

Finding the right spot to build it was the first step then laying out the shape then slandering the trunk
upward one block inward at a time i'm still building inward. once its in enough i have to build out then build branches its a little overwhelming but i will have pictures when its done.

i guess the reason minecraft is fun is because you feel like your doing something. do yourself a favor guys and girls if you haven't gotten minecraft, or have been on the fence about it. you should just shut up and buy it you will love it.

an epic undertaking

Posted by KyuubiT - November 6th, 2011

Ive spent a rather extensive bit of my time thinking about life and death recently and came to the conclusion that both suck. life because life keeps shitting in my face and not giving me break. I am praying that my chance is coming soon but i don't hold a lot of hope. I've grown past such things as placing blind faith in things like hope.

Death sucks because it is an unknown, sure faith and religion says there is life after death but we don't have solid proof of anything. so the question is do i look forward to the afterlife or is all i have to look forward to is a lot of pain followed by a huge burst of dopamine followed by oblivion. frankly I'm not a fan of either i truly hope it is reincarnation that i have to look forward to, talk about a real reset button.

Well i hadn't posted in a while and i figured you all would enjoy something thoughtful for once. albeit dark brooding and possibly depressing. maybe now that i have put it on some form of media and out of my mind it will stop haunting me.

Life and Death

Posted by KyuubiT - March 15th, 2011

well. i have a habit of getting on my feet getting my life together then somehow managing to topple my house of cards. you know what i need to do? that i need to stop using cards to build my houses. metaphorically speaking, i am working on a solid foundation and ive anchored 2 jobs now! and a new computer! so i get to play WoW again!! YAY!!! in about a month or two.... yea have to save up money so i can get out on my own yet again. that's okay though. this time i will make sure it sticks. i plan out going to the metaphoric lumber yard to build my "house" out of quality timber this time. I hope every bodies lives are going some what according to plan i know mine hasn't but it will get there!

Also let us not forget our fellow man in japan! there times are dire and they are in need! with what japan has done for most Americans is unseen. a lot of what you see on this site and ideas given to us for technology have some from there from PS3 to Atari from Gigantor to Naruto From some of the first Truly awesome audio equipment to the now awe inspiring entertainment systems. they have helped our quality of life. Do you part to help Donate to the red cross to help those in need.
There are thousands with out homes food and water. there are still many missing and injured.
It is time to show the japan what kind of nation we can be! and to all of you outside of America show them what kind of world we are. I am linking to the American red cross on this post if you read this if anyone reads this. You don't have to donate but you know you can.

American Red Cross Big Red Button

clicking this link will take you to there donations page for many disasters and worldly troubles. it wouldn't hurt to donate to more than one. Be a human being not a human doing.

dusting off the posts

Posted by KyuubiT - October 16th, 2010

They took wow from because im using an apple is a PPC so i guess im back to monitoring newgrounds and other stuff. I did get Unreal tournament 2k4 which is still a awesome game given its age. it would just be nice to be able to play my game of choice but I'm gonna have to upgrade my pc before that happens. so how have my fellow newgrounders been? let me know whats up.

Effin Blizzard

Posted by KyuubiT - May 12th, 2010

so yea again flashes and music are probably being put on a halt due to world of warcraft in the meantime enjoy this dancing gnome.

oh noes

Posted by KyuubiT - April 29th, 2010

Barbra fleishman was born Barbra shulenburg she grew up in gurney illinois with a brother. she was married the first time to eugene woods sr and mothered 3 children with difficulties she and gene went there separate ways some years later she remarried william fleishman and they spent 23 wonder years together. i will avoid the conditions under which things happened. but she passed away at noon today she walks with god now. goodbye mimi love you....

Posted by KyuubiT - April 18th, 2010

for our D&D group no need to show up anywhere but at your computer! it is played once or twice a week over a program called oovoo not even looking for seasoned players (though it is a plus) if your new to it or just want to start we will help you out! no books or dice? no problem we can provide you with online manuals and virtual dice rollers! its alot of fun and its a good way to let your imagination run wild! pm me for info! i hope to hear from you!!

we want you!