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I like that your seeming to take this seriously I want to see this land on tv or on the wider net too. Love your work always have always will. Killgar is coming off less as dumb and more as greedy and self serving is my only big concern. I feel like that might change before the end.

i am a super fan of DBZ but logic dictates superman is the ULTIMATE mary sue and is nigh unbeatable. here is the bottom line your only on super mans level if you can survive being hurled into the sun. and even thats not really a solid factor.

i suspect ill be seeing you on a network in a few years. i really see the love for what you do in this

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<3 your work emma :)

EmmaPresents responds:

Haha thank you very much!

its simple its fun and its got the most insane replay value you can imagine. i love this game.

just a heads up the characters name is Bloo not blue.

Miroko responds:

Haha, I made this on purpose so that people comment on my game... I win.
Even though you're the only one that spotted it.

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it sounds like a cross between something from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and Mega Man X it feels like a step back from the more professional direction you where headed in but thats not necessarily a bad thing defining ones style is important. i look forward to hearing more.

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! I am still trying to learn this new stuff I've gotten and I think my next song should sound a bit more on par with my previous stuff. Thanks for the review!

NO! NO! don't your do it don't throw in DUB STEP ELEMENTS!!!! YOUR BETTER THAN THAT!!! dub step is the lazy mans techno! i like all your stuff and you managed to not have them in the whole song but i heard them in the beginning portion.

OpenLight responds:

Ha sorry to scare you with that. I'll never just have standard "dubstep." As a good parallel, the furthest I may ever get (and this will more than likely not happen) is my friend RetromanOMG's "Starbound," which is more melody than aimless glitching and wobbles.

As you saw in this, I use the wobbles to make my pad mode interesting in general.

Aside from that though, what did you think? I'm guessing a lot of the reason for this rating was just what you put.

i would love do see you do a cover of the current generation.

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This is beyond terrifying in a good way.

This is stimulating some ancient nostalgia triggers from childhood. The use of colors begs this picture to be holographic. I love this.

MeghanLuna responds:

Aw thank you! :D

Merkava Marks III a driect reference to the Merkava Mark 3 tank

HugoTendaz responds:

Damn, that's hell of a machine :)

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