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Entry #39

blah blah blah

2016-04-08 14:09:05 by KyuubiT

havent posted in 3 years. well heres a post. see yall in overwatch soon bitches!!!! 


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2016-09-26 20:40:18

you are a good artist, my friend...

how are you?

KyuubiT responds:

not to bad how are you?


2017-03-28 19:58:02

hello! im doing good...

being busy with work+life, and i dropped by again to say hello.
say, will you mind if i PM you here on NG, or you are not very active in here anymore?
im just curious, thats all.

KyuubiT responds:

I am in a small lull here I do pop in on occasion. Spend my days playing ff14 mostly these days.